my journey with Lady Wolf began late last year..years of doubt about who i truly was had been suppressed. my true identity had started to bubble to the surface, and i was seeking a guide to take me through a new voyage of discovery: mind, body and soul. i needed that truly unique and special person to show me that to be submissive is something that is natural and beautiful.

Lady Wolf talks about taking her pups down the “rabbit hole” Before we met this was one of my favourite expressions… a journey of the unknown with a skilled guide… how could i not be intrigued? Tentatively i reached out, and immediately a connection was there between Her and i… a bond. Two four hour sessions were booked to take place over three days. Living in Canada i travelled to see Her.

i was nervous and excited when i knocked on Her door a few weeks later… i have always been in control, it’s what i was taught… to manage others and to know what happens next, always to know what’s next. Deep down, i knew that Lady Wolf was about to change all that… to allow me to see who i was… to see a side of me that i had never experienced before. 

We sat and talked for a few minutes, and She got to know me better. Lady Wolf listened intently, but She’s extremely perceptive and dare i say, empathic. Her piercing blue eyes don’t miss anything. She asked what i was into… this was such a new world for me i wanted to explore everything for the next couple of days… to test my limits… we talked about impact play and bastinado, electro torture, needle play and hooks, bondage… and strap-on play. She smiled and we began our journey together, not in separation, but in partnership. But don’t get me wrong, it is Her who leads, i follow!

She turned on her music which i can only describe as “fit for purpose”. The lyrics hammered into my brain during the sessions, again and again reinforcing the play between the two of us.

We began both days with some impact play… She strapped me to her bench and brought out what i would guess are a variety of paddles, straps and switches. She started lightly, respecting my thresholds but gradually increased the intensity of her strikes on my bare ass. i’m sure by other standards Her strokes were light, but to me they invoked something so deep inside me, so gratifying, so intensely primal that i growled, howled and i dare say snarled. Incredible.

But then the sessions diverged… on the first day we moved to electro torture and nipple play. Lady Wolf strapped on the electro device onto my cock and balls and turned it on… low power at first… She wanted this to last a long time! She was wearing boots that clicked on the floor whenever She moved. She told me that i only need to be concerned when they stopped clicking… oh the anticipation whenever the clicking stopped! She added to the sensation by blindfolding me… i couldn’t tell where she was, but knew when the clicking stopped… be ready.

Steadily the electro current was increased and the tingling in my cock and balls steadily increased with it. She played with my nipples, teasing squeezing, clamping… sharp breaths were inhaled and slowly exhaled as the pain increased… and the ever increasing current to my cock and balls just kept coming. The current starts as a tickle, barely noticeable, but Her timing is exquisite. Over 45 minutes She just kept increasing it, from a tickle to an itch to a vibration to a current… each sensation was a revelation… i honestly can’t remember how long this went on for, i was so lost in a mind numbing bliss.

On to needle play we went. She strapped  me onto a bed and started. She wanted to let me experience this in a gradual way. She had bigger plans for our second session! Lady Wolf carefully checked where she would put the first set of needles. She put a couple of needles in my upper chest, telling me to draw in a breath to counter the (very brief) pang of of pain. She is an expert! Several more were inserted below my stomach. When i looked up and saw those needles in me, giving expression to my dreams and desires, tears of gratitude came to my eyes. All thanks to Lady Wolf.

So ended out first session…..

A couple of days later after the impact play that made my ass red and bruised… we took a different path. Bondage and bastinado were undertaken… to be wrapped in a leather straight jacked and the soles of my feet whipped was amazing.

But then the next two activities took me completely over the edge. i fell into the precipice but She was there to catch me. We started with strap-on play. Into the sling i was strapped and away we went. Again this is something that’s new to me, and She took her time in a caring way introducing me to the different sizes of strap-on. She ultimately was able to introduce me to one of her favourites. The sensation of her fucking my ass with that strap-on took my brain literally to another dimension… gone was the urge to control, the angst, the “wound up tighter than a spring” tightass; replaced with freedom, joy and nirvana. i swear my eyes literally rolled into the back of their sockets and my brain switched off. She continued and i just kept reveling in the experience.

Eventually we stopped and the final play for the day was hooks. This is something i am particularly curious about. Hook play is part of ancient rituals practiced by Native Americans, and to be able to experience it and feel the same sensations was something i wanted to do. She strapped me down, and with-in minutes, and with very little pain, there i was with two hooks in my chest, attached by strings to the frame above me and a blindfold on. She pulled and played with the strings until once again i was floating in time and space.

And so ended my sessions. i went back to my hotel in a fog that ultimately lasted for more than a couple of days.

Lady Wolf, through the mastery of Her art and the undeniably love She has for what She does, introduced me to a new world and i will never be able to express how grateful i am for that. She gave me the hooks to take home with me and i attached them a painting i have. It’s by a First Nation artist living on Canada’s West Coast. The painting is called “Helping Hands”. It’s appropriate for what Lady Wolf has done for me. i am dedicated to Her in all ways……