What is it like to be invited to a film shoot with the beautiful Mistress ALEERA? In a word … AWESOME!

As one of Aleera’s most devoted puppies who is deeply honoured to be now able to say that he is “under her consideration”I was thrilled to be told that I would be able to film with her along with other selected subs in her dungeon.

Naturally my first concern was pleasing my Mistress and coming up to her exacting standards. When Aleera is your mistress and she has captured your heart,mind, and soul she is able to draw more and more from you as time goes by. She understands that male submissive side so well!As your learn to serve her, making her happy becomes your main concern even above the very strong feelings of pleasure and adoration that being in her very presence always brings. Such is the extraordinary feminine dominance and charm of this wonderful Dominaitrix Aleera Queen Of Wolves!!

The date for filming was arranged. I arrived at the venue with my heart racing and at a suitable moment I was fetched by her special and most respected pup.Forms had to be filled about limits and health and I was naturally very careful to follow his and Eliza’s the camera woman’s instructions!. So I did exactly as I was told, I stripped naked and waited.

Aleera was just so impressive!!. Her natural creativity was clear for all to see,as was her grasp of filming technique and her understanding of all the technology used. A true professional!!
It was lovely also to see the creative partnership between Aleera and Eliza Grey who made us feel at ease and helped create just the right approach to a scene. Eliza did the actual filming and was obviously highly experienced in her field. We all knew we were in good hands. She was also great to talk to, warm, sensitive with a sense of humour.

It was such fun to be put in my kennel and at mistress command “come to heel”. AND…..wow… to place my paws on her beautiful boots as my pink tongue licked them spotless and then to remove those boots and kiss those divine feet!!! All for the camera. I was breathless with excitement!!

There then followed “forced bi”with two pups being spit roasted in turn.Aleera penetrated with a her wicked LARGE and LONG strap on moving rhythmically and forcefully deeper and deeper as the sub groaned in blissfull agony! I looked on while locked in a cage barking and drumming on the bars of my confinement. I was so highly aroused!!

After a short break Aleera’s senior pup led me to a whipping bench and strapped me in as it was my turn to feature in a CP clip. The bite of her flexible rattan senior school cane brought tears to my eyes as Aleera brought it down with force upon my bare exposed bottom and imprinted red weals. Argh!

This is a particular favourite bdsm activity of The Queen of Wolves, who is a traditional, classic disciplinarian and specializes in this area on bdsm! She delights in inflicting serious pain on her puppies in this way. She enjoys hearing them squeal,and strain in their collar leash and leather cuffs, and see them progress in their training as they struggle to push boundaries. Moreover she demands from her puppies that they continue to show her, by bearing pain she inflicts,real evidence of their real devotion and respect to her. She does not tolerate any slacking and expects full on male effort from any sub she controls, but she knows her puppies so well that she is able to expertly gauge exactly when a puppy has reached his limits!

I sensed that Aleera was enjoying herself and wanted to give her as much pleasure as I could and assure her of my total devotion and respect. I knew I must be brave and take it from my mistress until all the required footage was taken.

During the afternoon there were breaks and chat and refreshments which was appreciated by all the subs.
The final session was in Aleera’s medical room. She wore a stunning latex nurse outfit…. phew! Then sharp stinging needles in her expert medical bdsm hands and the speculum stretch for a lucky pup!!! Ooooh…!

It was such a REAL FUN PLAYTIME!!!!Aleera and Eliza because of their engaging warmth humour sensitivity and understanding and with that sparkle in their eyes made it something we will long remember and certainly look forward to participating in again!!!

And the CLIPS….. I just can’t wait to see them! Hope they will be out soon!!! They will be superb!!!

By Trevi pup now under consider,who counts it as the greatest privilege to be a pack member and so serve and be trained by fabulous ALEERA!