my most gracious Domme and Alpha had extended an invitation to make amends, to earn back some of the privileges afforded to loyal and devoted pups. A day of filming had been organised and i was to make myself available to help and potentially participate in the activities of the day.

my eternally grateful heart leaped from my chest! This could go some way to show that my intentions are always good even if my actions – or lack of them – belied those intentions. Oh what joy to be able to be in Mistress Aleera’s powerful and spellbinding presence again.

i will admit, the prospect of returning under Mistress Aleera’s physical control was at first unnerving but a profound comfort had settled over me. My heart and mind had been ill at ease for some time but now i had focus again.
More exercise, to be able to present a puppy in better shape than what he was. Bad puppy let himself go…

Personal grooming, so as to be as clean as an imperfect being could be for his perfect Mistress.
Carrying out the tasks set by my Alpha to the best of my abilities so as to rebuild favor (Some tasks completed to an acceptable but not perfect standard to this puppy’s shame).

Last minute instructions received with gratitude as the day quickly approached; “Prep for strap on tomorrow. Arrive for 9 am” i was abuzz with excitement!

my reintroduction was seamless. Mistress’s manner, as always, was warm and accepting but Her superiority was never in doubt.
In my vanilla life, i can understand complex instruction and carry out duties efficiently but under the spell of my Mistress and in my need to serve to the best of my abilities and be the best puppy for my Alpha i become a dithering dullard.

my role as a helper was quickly established and as the other ‘actors’ began to arrive.
It was an honour to be included in the filming. My heart was aglow watching my Alpha embracing the glorious creativity that courses through Her.

During breaks through the day, we shared private moments as I was led around the venue on a leash, happily trotting along at my Alpha’s heel. i reveled in the fleeting looks of reassurance, the comforting touches, the words of possession… And suddenly there would be an action, an instruction, effectively reasserting our respective roles, Her the absolute controller and me, the absolutely controlled.

Towards the end of the day, the filming became an orgy of forced bisexual degradation and humiliation. i had felt a deep disappointment in not cutting my hair in preparation for the day but to have my Mistress grab the hair i did have and pull my head back to be spit-roasted made the disappointment of improper preparation very bitter sweet.
Although i was unable to physically fulfill my Alpha’s commands, (my mind was willing but my body weak) i effortlessly slipped into the shoes of the meek and grateful servant, cleaning up and fetching and obeying like a good little slave should.

It was an intense experience to watch my Alpha take another puppy, to not be the recipient of her primal thrusting.
my entire body flooded with a familiar rush of tingles as i watched my Alpha’s exquisite buttocks clench with each stroke as She drove her long thick phallus into Her sub.

And when all was said and done, the day had not been as physically painful as previously experienced under my Alpha’s hand. But being in the presence of such a powerful force of nature was hugely emotionally and psychologically cathartic.

It would be an understatement to say it was a great day.