Want to become part of the pack?

I bet you are wondering how you become part of the pack? Well first you must ask yourself…

Why do you want to be a part of the Kingdom of the Queen of Wolves?

For Aleera Her followers are very important to Her, She takes great pride in bringing the best experience to Her followers by maintaining Her appearance and making sure each visit you get the best out of the time Y/you have together.

She brings already strong individuals together and if you decide to kneel for Her you better not take it lightly. Because the journey you will then embark on will be a magnificent one.

How do you get noticed by the Queen of Wolves?

An invitation to join the pack is only given by the Queen of Wolves to an exceptional few… She chooses only the best and believe it when it is said, She has VERY high standards.

The first and most efficient way to get noticed by Queen Aleera is to visit Her in sessions frequently, this not only keeps Her income going but it helps Her to get to know you, and if you have what it takes to make Her happy in a session then you are already half way there.

Be warned She does very much enjoy a minimum of 2hrs per session so that She does not feel utterly rushed. you want her to get into the correct headspace after all, right?

Another way to get noticed, especially if you cannot afford Her prefered method of attending 2hrs per month with your future Queen… Why not support Her by sending monthly tributes to either Her bank or paypal… Every little helps! And it won’t go unnoticed… Any little tribute goes a long long way…

Buy Mistress a bottle of nice wine per month £10
Help with makeup and luxurious bubble bath £20 per month
Buy Mistress’ food shopping £80 per month
Contribute to Mistress’ bills £100-£200 per month
Tribute more and you will be putting a smile on your Queen’s face…

It takes just an email to set up this arrangement – ladywolf@houseofwolf.co

No doubt you are asking…

But what is in it for me?

Firstly if you really are asking this then you have probably failed to get the attention of the Queen of Wolves… But to answer your question… nothing, unless the Queen of Wolves decides… it could be from having the oppertunity to bow before Her to being a fully collared member of the pack…

What does it mean to be part of the pack?

you will have a community of wolves to be part of, a support structure, a family… a kink one at that… you will be given a collar to which you will wear proudly to events (sometimes accompanying the Queen Herself)

you will get to know the Queen Herself and over time you will begin to create a kink bond to which a journey will be travelled… She will take you by the hand and lead you further down the rabbit hole than you have ever been before.

What have you got to lose?

Nothing, but hey… why not try it before you decide properly… book a session with the Queen of Wolves today by emailing: bookings@mistress-aleera.com