When The Queen Of Wolves Met Mistress Empusa:
The Double Domination Pleasure and Terror Tour.

On a fateful evening in the bitter cold of winter, the Queen of wolves ran wild in the city . Mistress Aleera sought solace in a place under shadow to find peace, to fulfil her deepest need amidst the noise in the streets….To satiate her thirst for solitude.

Under nightfall’s cover, the wolf came to a temple of ruin amongst the concrete jungle. The brickwork crumbled beneath her paws, the walls sighed as her she moved further towards the darkness. There, In the centre of the wreckage, she rested her aching body and bathed in the light of the moon as it shone through the ceiling. Her claws still fresh with the skin of her last victim, her fangs still hungry.

The Queen closed her eyes and music filled her mind. A drum, slow, steady and hypnotic. The tribal sound commanded her heart rate to quicken, and a thousand voices started to chant. The smell of fresh blood entered the room. Was this respite or reality?

As she opened her eyes, the darkness melted away. The moon was larger, brighter, closer to the earth and almost bursting through the ceiling of the temple. The air now reeking of fear. There was something here. Something not human. Something like her.
The drumming became footsteps…
The chanting became breathing…
Blood burst and ran down the walls and fell from the ceiling and the figure emerged from the liquid pool.

Curves carved from marble and hair blacker than the dark ephemera of her mind, the bloodied creature walked towards the wolf and stood before her. Vespertillian, it knelt down and revealed black wings, piercing through porcelain skin.

“The moon favours you here, my queen” purred the creature as she gazed on, green eyed.
The wolf queen felt hunger in her bones and bared teeth as she whispered
“Do you know with whom you speak?”
“A beast of worship. An animal with needs. A wolf who need only address those who seek to please her”
“And you?”
“A demon. Worshipped in fear. I pick apart the mind with my tongue and drink deeply from those who come near me….Much like you. We are made of matter far darker than this land.”
The demoness offered up her neck to the wolf as she whispered
“We are here for a reason. We are not made for this world. We rule like the elements, and this is why we thrive in the dark. We are to be worshipped in this desecrated place.”
“Those that worship you, what do they call you?”
The demoness flicked her serpent tongue over her fangs before smiling wickedly.
“They call me Mistress Empusa. They kneel for me. They bleed for me. They make shrines for me in the hope of breathing the same air as I.”
“Drink me. Make this bond in blood and I shall join you in the shadowland. Let our forces join as we inflict pleasure and terror on those who come to us. Let us immortalise every temple of ruin across the seas. We can find what we seek together, you and I”

The wolf queen, without hesitation, sunk her teeth hungrily into the demon’s neck and the blood ran thick and glistened on their bodies in the light of the moon. Fangs pierced deeper, Mistress Empusa hissed in pleasure. The creatures felt a change in the air.

Mistress Aleera opened her eyes, one eye now changed to emerald green. This was a change. Something powerful coursed through her blood. She was transformed. She looked to the demon, now entirely unmarked and skin glowing white.
“Your blood tastes so sweet…I must have you again.”
“Immortality bows not to the constricts of time. We have been put on this earth to dominate man and have them on their knees. We will rule together.”
The demoness gracefully leapt onto the wolf’s back, placed her claws around the fur on her neck and whispered into her ear
“Let us ride.”

Slaves, I am delighted to announce to you the extremely rare presence of Mistress Empusa to London. An expert at psychological sadism role play and a cruel ruler, She is highly coveted by her following of desperate worshippers over Europe and has had no need for online presence since her domination. Only known to those that have found her, she thrives on the true underground of cities and her cause is to travel the world whilst making art of desolate places, capturing the beauty of blood’s journey on willing skin. Your Queen and the Demoness have joined forces to make this a reality for us to travel together. We will therefore be offering a one time only period of double sessions, including one hour sessions. Are you ready?

Our global project is to visualise this fantasy project in photographic excellence… We want the height of quality in design, photography and location.

We are to hit funding for the project in the month of February at £8,000

Every double session Booked in double session will contribute to our project and travels… Every time a goal is hit a new photography will be unlocked.

Those slaves, subs and worshippers who book a double session for project photo shoot will receive a print as a momento of the support they give.

Double sessions are on specific dates and start from £380 per hour (paid in advance) and must be booked at least two weeks in advance to allow for our busy schedules. Discounts applied of £50 per hour on bookings of 4 hours or more.

We will take outfit requests together on the proviso of a lunch shopping trip or gifted attire for the both of us before arranging a date for the session to imagine your fantasy. These must involve designer latex, corsets and leather. See the wish list.

Our Main interests:
Bastinado, Bondage, Electro Torture (E-stim), Bullwhips, CBT, Corporal Punishment, Humiliation, Waterboarding and Interrogation.

Our other interests:
boot licking, boot worship, breast/nipple torture, candle wax, chastity devices, collar and lead/leash, discipline, erotic photography (please ask), face slapping, foot massage, foot worship, high heels, humiliation, japanese bondage, kidnapping roleplay, obedience training, objectification, pain, shibari, spanking, verbal humiliation and degradation, wartenberg pinwheels, whips.

Please note any of Our hard limits are listed for a reason, this means We will not perform those activities, so please make sure you have read and understood them before contacting Us.

Our hard limits include:
Hard sports, Adult/ Baby, insect crushing, nudity on our part of any kind, personal services, sex, human toilet, toilet training, water sports, fart fetish, ass licking or rimming, sploshing or wet and messy, face sitting or touching by the slave at any time (unless specifically instructed by for foot worship sessions).