My thoughts on your communication.

Sooooo I get so many emails a day asking for certain things, as your Leader I am bound by listening and taking care to your wishes and limits… I take your requests seriously and without judgement. If I like your suggestions I will invite you down to see Me.

The longer you spend with Me, the better I can get to know you and your fantasies… but please do not presume I am a psychic… if you ask for strap-on and really mean a masochistic beating then how am I supposed to know that is what you mean… I could just do as I please with you however being a professional service the law binds Me to certain rules.

Now before you get all excited and think you can turn up and dictate a session to your pleasing and your pleasing alone let Me make things clear. I am the boss and if I choose I shall kick you out of My space without refund if you displease Me.

What I am currently saying is, if you ask for a strap-on session, this is what you will get… if you ask for hard sports I will decline your request, if you ask for a medical needle play session, you will get just that. But if you ask for a whipping and actually mean foot worship, you will get a whipping.

your communication before the session is very important.

Other examples of idiocy:

Emailing Me asking for a 30minute whipping session today… HOW RUDE IS THIS??? If I wanted to see someone especially someone whom I view a Goddess or Mistress I would have the courtesy of reading their website first before I fill in the form that is on this very same website that states the tributes, minimum booking times, booking notices and also limits.

So many of you nowadays are just so rude that it makes Me question whether I really enjoy this job at all anymore. 

Because of this, I have opened My books to new pack members, I will be accepting minimum 1hr sessions at £250 per hr (paid in advance) in the hope that there are some followers with some decency and common sense….

To apply, all you need to do is send application to: